What's included in a SoftRack set?

Each SoftRack comes as a complete set with two blocks, one micro-fiber cloth, and a protective case with carrying strap for easy transport. 

How big is your rack?

The SoftRack sits roughly 3" above your vehicle and spans 39" across the roof.  Soaking wet, the SoftRack weighs in at 4lbs.

What's your rack made out of?

We have sourced the most durable materials to build a rack for the true outdoorsman. Head on over to the product page for the complete specs.

I have a lead foot, how fast can I go?

The SoftRack was designed with the road trip in mind.  Strap up your gear and hit highway speeds.  We do not recommend exceeding 65 mph with gear on board.

My car only has two doors, am I SOL?

The SoftRack has been used successfully on many 2-door models.  That being said, every car is different and we do not recommend using the SoftRack with certain models.  Email support@otiumoutdoors.com with your make/model car and we will provide our best recommendation for your needs. 

Does the SoftRack come with a warranty?

Yes. Learn more about our 3 year warranty.