SoftRack Review: Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

Compatibility Score: 9/10 

ADVENTURER: Chris M.   LOCATION: Lake Louise, AB, Canada   Gear: Cross Country Skis and Snowboards

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Otium SoftRack | Dodge Charger

 *photo submitted by Chris M.

What was the first adventure you went on with your SoftRack?

I keep it in the truck for any emergency 2x4 pickups at home depot, but mostly I use it to store my cross-country skis in my underground storage because it looks so cool and makes me seem sporty and athletic.

Tell us about your experience using the SoftRack.

It installs in a few min. First time is the hardest but once the system is figured out, it's gravy. I like how it's soft.

Explain your rating above.

My car is huge. If the rack was a few inches longer/wider, it could put up more skis and look a little more awesome. Overall this size is great cuz it also fit on my Acura without hanging off the side. Downside I cannot install a snowboard bindings down because it's not high enough off the roof. I have improvised a spacer block but it's not as good looking as the rack.


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Ben Larwa
Ben Larwa


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