SoftRack Review: Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Elantra

Compatibility Score: 10/10 

ADVENTURER: Ed R.   LOCATION: Ames, IA   Gear: Kayak

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Otium SoftRack | Hyundai Review

 *photo submitted by Ed R.

What was the first adventure you went on with your SoftRack?

My three sons gifted me with a kayak for Father's Day. While I drove my kayak around town one day in August, the gift did not come with adequate time for me to find water yet. Driving around town was not much of an adventure, but it did feel good to have it on my car and to look as if I actually know how to use a kayak

Tell us about your experience using the SoftRack.

I like all of the features. I only used it once, so it was a "taking out of the box and figuring it out" type experience. It will take no time at all in the future. I also like the tie-down straps that I bought separately so that I can strap it down easily. Maybe you sell them too, but my car had very little to use for attaching straps.


Explain your rating above.

It not only fits perfectly with the make of my car, but it also allows for easy removal and storage when not in use. I like that it is so little in terms of weight and hardware, yet can be versatile in carrying many different loads.


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Ben Larwa
Ben Larwa


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