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Our team is proud to announce a new Partnership with Rentluggage, the leading online rental luggage store on the web. As of March 2016, Rentluggage now offers the SoftRack for RENT to anyone in the United States!

Rentluggage shares our mission to save people time, money and headaches when traveling and transporting gear. The company's stress-free rental service can be explained in 4 simple steps.

  1. Find It: Find an Otium SoftRack or any other travel items including backpacks, tents, and luggage to make your next adventure stand out. Not sure what items you need? No problem. Rentluggage has knowledgeable staff standing by to help guide you. 
  2. Book It: Once you decide on the gear you need, choose how long you need it for. Whether your trip is three days or three weeks, Rentluggage has you covered.
  3. Use It: Rentluggage will ensure your gear arrives on your requested delivery date. They even have a wide variety of shipping methods for those last minute weekend getaways.
  4. Return It: Every order includes a pre-paid Fedex shipping label, so you can send back all travel items free of charge.

It's that easy. Get started today at

Now get out there and Ride On.

Ben Larwa
Ben Larwa


Otium Outdoors is an outdoors lifestyle company creating easy and dependable solutions for those wishing to experience the great outdoors close up.

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